How Does Exede Satellite Internet Work?

Exede satellite internet uses a 30-inch dish - about the same size as a satellite TV dish - mounted on your home or in your yard, and a modem to provide your home with a broadband speed internet connection.

How does this happen?

Exede high speed satellite internet is supported by two state-of-the-art satellites that serve nearly the entire United States. The most recently launched satellite, the ViaSat-1, was sent up in 2011 and offers the fastest satellite internet speeds. ViaSat-1 adds significantly to the already impressive North American satellite internet network. As a matter of fact, ViaSat-1 has more capacity - which allows for greater speed and more usage - than all of the other internet-providing satellites over North America, combined.

But how does your computer communicate with a satellite orbiting 22,000 miles above the earth?

Well, let's say you're suddenly interested in monkey astronauts. You go to your computer, open your browser and surf to your favorite search engine. There you type in "monkey astronauts" and click "enter". After that the data is sent to your modem either wirelessly or via an ethernet cable, and then travels from your modem down coaxial cable to your satellite dish. The dish transmits the data into space where one of Exede's satellites is waiting to intercept it. The satellite beams the data back to earth to a "gateway", a location on earth that acts as a go-between for our satellites and other servers that host the files we know collectively as the internet. The gateway sends the data to the proper server, in this instance you favorite search engine's, which then responds accordingly.

The responsive data is sent from the gateway from a collection of massive dishes that handle the data for many households back to the satellite orbiting in space, which beams it back to the dish on your home. Once it hits your dish it travels through the coaxial cable again and back into your modem and finally to your computer. This entire process takes less than the blink of an eye.

Within seconds of hitting enter you have a response from the search engine and a list of sources to choose from. If you were to select the Wikipedia article about monkeys in space, the whole process would happen again, this time with the gateway communicating with the servers that host Wikipedia, which can be anywhere in the world.

What else can use satellite internet?

Any internet capable device can be used with your home satellite internet service. Be it your iPod or your PS3. A laptop or a smartphone. If it can connect to your router, either via ethernet cable or wirelessly, it can use Ethernet's internet-providing satellites to communicate with the world wide web.

Much like satellite television, Exede satellite internet delivers smooth, streaming video with less loading and buffering you get from many other internet services. Watch Netflix on your computer, Hulu+ on your tablet, or just enjoy home movies from your family and friends. No matter how you love to use the internet, Exede satellite internet has what you need.

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